Salt – The Other White Poison!

Salt – The Other White Poison!  Is it really so bad?


salt shakers

Yes, salt, which we’ve known for some time now to be the culprit in the case of many diseases, is truly the other white poison.


For years now fast food has been blamed for all our ills and, quite honestly, fast food is filled with all sorts of naughty things like bleached white flour, sugar, salt , artificial coloring, preservatives and most of it is fried and… and… I could go on for days.  You know what I’m talking about.




The thing is, all of these ingredients really are unhealthy and they do play a role in an unhealthy diet and its role in the increase of many diseases and obesity in our culture.


As fast food restaurants and highly processed foods begin to show up in other countries, so does the trend of obesity and autoimmune diseases.



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However, there now seems to be research showing another, maybe even more important, ingredient in our diets causing and/or adding to many major health issues.




But not just any salt.  Refined, white salt, in particular.


A team at Yale University has been researching different autoimmune responses in mice that are fed diets high in refined white salt.  Their findings indicate that there is a dramatic increase in something akin to multiple sclerosis in humans, as well as in skin conditions like psoriasis.


It seems that refined, white salt causes a subset of T cells called Th17 cells to increase dramatically.  Unlike the normal T cells which are helper cells that fight pathogens such as infections and viruses, these Th17 cells seem to increase inflammation .


Life Without Salt – No Way You Say!


I would tend to agree with you.  That would not be the diet I would want to follow.


Don’t worry – there’s hope!


There are healthier salts we can use without worrying that we are destroying our bodies.  The research being done at Yale University also shows that using healthy, mineral laden salts does not produce the increase in those nasty Th17 cells.  Nor does it produce the increase in symptoms related to multiple sclerosis and psoriasis in the mice in the studies.

Himalayan salt

Salts like Himalayan sea salt and celtic salt are filled with minerals and can actually promote good health instead of destroying our immune system.

black salt

The minerals in these salts are actually required by our bodies and, therefore, these salts are much better for us than processed salts which are bleached and refined to the point that all the minerals are removed.


While studies in this area are ongoing and results are not totally proven out in humans, this research is very important in the area of autoimmune disease, particularly for patients with multiple sclerosis and psoriasis.  These are the two main autoimmune diseases that have been studied in mice with positive results at this point.







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  1. Simon says:

    I’m well familiar that regular table salt is nasty and a huge problem for our cultures. Fast food especially is truckloaded with it and as a matter of fact the fries especially are… you have to physically remove the salt from them in order to consume these – that’s how much salt they put on junk food.

    Potato chips is another curse and we know that they contain – loads of white salt. I actually believe that this is a deliberate act to poison the population. Nothing is coincidential.

    • Debby Morrow says:

      Thank you Simon. The sad thing is that people in general do not realize how many poisons they are putting into their bodies or how many diseases could possibly be prevented! We are being led like sheep to slaughter. In addition to the salt, many fast food places brine the potatoes in sugar before they fry them and then add the tons of salt!!!!

      The good news is that, slowly but surely, the people are waking up and demanding healthier foods.



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