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Hi there.  I’m Debby and I would like to welcome you to my alternative world.  I have had an interest in plants and their usefulness regarding health since I was a young girl.  Although I am a certified herbalist, my interest in health and well being has extended far beyond my strong desire to know all about what plants were useful for medicine as well as for food.

What I have discovered


First, that what we put into our bodies greatly affects the health and well being of them.  The old expression “we are what we eat” is very true.  What we consume is more important than most of us realize.  Many diseases are connected with poor autoimmune health and they can be, and often are, helped or even cured by changing what we put into our bodies.

Second, that adding herbs and supplements to your diet can actually help in your struggle to regain health after diagnosis with chronic diseases, or just to maintain a healthy body.  Many of the foods we already eat or use to season our food are actually considered as herbs.  In fact, the 3,000+ year old Chinese theory of medicine uses food as medicine.

Third, that a healthy diet is more than just a diet that you follow until you achieve the desired results.  It is making lifestyle changes.  That doesn’t mean you can never have your favorite comfort foods again; but it does mean that you need to learn healthier ways to make those things that you love so much. or find healthier treats to replace them.

I have family members and friends who have autoimmune related medical conditions, which is why I have chosen to explore this area. I hope you will follow along as we learn together how to put the knowledge I’ve already gained, along with new information I am garnering along the way to use for the best possible results for my family and friends as well as yours.

You can contact me at Debby@healingautoimmunediseaseswithherbs.com





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  1. Pat Hammack says:

    I have just scanned your website and I like what I see–I will go back and take more of it in a little later. But where do I go to get reputable herbs ?
    Thank you again for the “carbon paper” yesterday. May God bless your endeavors on your website. Pat Hammack

  2. johnielt says:

    Hello Debbie;
    Your website is nice, crisp, clean and informative. Your visuals are also colorful and orderly. In the comment area, when I put my information and comment in, it’s very light, hard on my eyes. Wow, where did you get so much social media? Impressive. As an Herbalist, you seem to have extensive knowledge about plants, health, people’s health, etc., which I see from the comments you’re getting is going to help a lot of people.

    Best of Luck;

    • Debby Morrow says:

      Thank you so much for your comments as well as your complements on my site. I really do have a heartfelt desire to help people with their health and well being. I also have a strong belief that herbs, along with food used as medicine and other alternatives can be a very strong first line of defense in that regard.

  3. Ken says:

    It was great to stop by your website and learn a little about you and the art of healing with herbs. I do believe that this is a lifestyle and can help people overcome some aliments. I have tried a few when I was ill. Try did work well. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is very important. Thank You for sharing.

    • Debby Morrow says:

      Thanks Ken. You are so right – a healthy lifestyle goes a long way in overcoming some ailments. It also goes a long way in preventing many. Do you follow a whole foods diet or some other diet now? I would be interested to know more about your story.

  4. Maarten says:

    Hi Debby,

    Very interesting, I’ve actually been meaning to talk to a herbalist. I don’t have any chronic disease, but every day I become more aware how important it is what we put in our bodies. I do have occasional migraine attacks. I’ve had these as a child and did not have them for many years, however the last few months they’re back. There has not really been any change in my life that could’ve triggered these (Well that’s what I think anyway). I was wondering if there are certain herbs you could recommend me to that might have a positive effect on this? Cheers!

    • Debby Morrow says:

      Thanks Maarten. Without knowing any of your history or the nature of your migraines (there are different type of migraines) I would say this: Some migraines are helped by caffeine (coffee, chocolate, etc) and others are not. Feverfew seems to work for some. Essential oil of lavender (just a bit on fingers massaged into the temples) sometimes helps.
      If you’ve recently started having them again you might want to investigate something you have been ingesting lately: it could be food, drink, could be perfumes, new laundry detergent, etc.

  5. Rita St Clair says:

    I enjoyed reading your newsletter regarding herbs and autoimmune disease. Because I have an autoimmune disease, I enjoy reading the different articles and learn something new. I, too, look forward to reading more in the future.

    • Debby Morrow says:

      Thanks for your kind words Rita. I don’t think there is anyone anywhere that does not have some form of autoimmune disease or have a loved one who does. So much is bombarding our systems; it is not surprising. If environmental toxins don’t get us, then genetically modified foods or hormone fed animals will! We just live in a toxic world. Thankfully, there are steps we can take to help our bodies heal from some, if not all, of these attacks. I look forward to digging into some of these steps in the near future.

  6. Angel says:

    As a former Biology Student studying about medicine,. I look forward to learning more about how medicinal herbs can help with a vast variety of autoimmune diseases along with many others. 🙂

    • admin says:

      Thanks for your comment Angel. It’s so interesting to see that science and medicine are finally acknowledging the value of herbs again. Chemical medicine is great, but there are times when simpler methods can help.

      I appreciate your interest. Thanks, Debby

  7. J. Levine says:

    This is an issue that many people deal with daily. So glad you are addressing this. Can’t wait to hear more.

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