Lavenders Blue Dilly, Dilly – 7 Uses for Lavender Herb


         There’s an old nursery rhyme that goes “Lavender’s blue Dilly, Dilly, lavender’s green; when you are king Dilly, Dilly I shall be queen…”


lavenders blue

lavenders blue


I’ve always liked that little rhyme and, for some reason, my brother always liked it too!  It was one of the ones in a book of rhymes we had that he would ask us to read to him (he’s a good bit younger than I) when he was young.


Those days are long gone but my husband and I moved last year to a house on four acres of land and I just recently planted lavender (seeds) at the edge of the flowerbeds outside the back door, which prompted my remembrance of that little rhyme.

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Natural Hay Fever Remedies

I noticed a Judas Tree budding out last week.  The March winds had started to blow, and there were other telltale signs of the arrival of spring such as the sprouting of little sprigs of green coming out of the soggy ground.  Yes, spring was definitely arriving.

Judas tree

Judas trees – one of the harbingers of spring

My next thoughts were “do I have what I need to take care of the reaction I get when the pollen fills the air?”

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Stasis Dermatosis

Putting it very simply, Stasis Dermatosis is an outward sign of an internal issue.  It is a direct result of  poor circulation in the extremities.  I’m sure you’ve heard of varicose veins.  Well, this is like varicose veins on steroids!

Basically, blood flows down and out to the extremities and , when things are working properly, then flows back up to the heart.

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Supplements Lower Blood Sugar


Do supplements lower blood sugar?  Is diet helpful or harmful with diabetes?  Based on new information that is coming forth, yes is the answer to both questions.  According to an article recently in Nature Medicine, Type 2 Diabetes is being looked at as an autoimmune disease; not simply a metabolic disorder.

That being said, I thought it would be good to do a little research on just what supplements for diabetes really have been shown to be helpful.  In other words, which supplements lower blood sugar.  Here’s what I found after I did a little digging: Continue reading →